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Silver Woods Keep


Buy A Horse

The Rules of Breeding

Gender is determined by a roll.
Males = even
Females = odd
If a 2 is rolled = twins, then dice must be rolled for each to determine gender
When a horse is created in the store, the maximum number of points it can have per ability is just 6. The maximum a horse can have after training and breeding is 10. This is because a horse's natrual ability can only go so far before training and specialized breeding. Breeding two horses together that have equal points in a trait, but whose points in that trait are 6 or higher, brings the foal's score up one point past the parents average. It happens because if both parents are equally good at somthing, the foal will become improved at that specific trait. So the rules are as follows:
  • Foal's traits will become average of the parents with scores 5 and under   
  • If both parents have a 6 for one trait, the foal's score will be 7 in that trait
  • If one parent has a 5, and the other a 6, the foal will only get a 6.
  • If one parent has an 8 and the other a 7, foal will get 8.
  • If both have 8, the foal will get a 9. 
  • If both have a 5, the foal gets only a 5, since this number is under 6.