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Competition Information

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Race winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Speed - in racing, speed is what matters most
  2. Stamina - lots of stamina required to finish first 
  3. Confidence - heart plays a big role
  4. Strength - for pulling ahead of the group 
  5. Reaction Time - for a quick start out of the gate
  6. Agility - to maneuver around other horses
  7. Temperment - rebelious horses don't listen to their jockeys
  8. Patience - holding back while others gallop ahead
  9. Coordination - prevents trips and falls
  10. Show Ability - being used to the big crowds at a race may have an advantage


Show Jumping

Show jumping winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Agility - to maneuver the many turns and jumps 
  2. Strength - to jump high and well with a rider 
  3. Coordination - must be coordinated with the rider for jumps 
  4. Reaction Time - always important when jumping
  5. Speed - to avoid time penalites 
  6. Confidence - for those big jumps
  7. Show Ability - because it is show jumping
  8. Temperment - to prevent refusals
  9. Stamina - for good jumping even towards the end
  10. Patience - to be patient with the rider if the rider makes mistakes 


Cross Country

Cross country winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Stamina - essential for long courses and exausting obstacles  
  2. Confidence - needed for the daunting water, steep hills and high jumps 
  3. Strength - for high jumps with rider included 
  4. Speed - to avoid time penalites 
  5. Agility - for all the jumps and maneuvers 
  6. Coordination - prevents stumbling over steep terrain or jumps 
  7. Reaction Time - good timing is important on large jumps 
  8. Temperment - to prevent refusals and mischief 
  9. Patience - good for long courses with many jumps
  10. Show Ability - provides a good conformation



Dressage winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Confidence - helps to produce a smooth, flawless performance 
  2. Coordination - for complecated actions and movements  
  3. Show Ability - for a high quality presentation 
  4. Patience - prevents the horse from rushing through movements 
  5. Temperment - to obey commands willingly  
  6. Reaction Time - commands must be obeyed as soon as they are given 
  7. Strength - useful during more strenuous motions 
  8. Agility - for nimble feet 
  9. Stamina - to ensure an energetic horse to the end of the show  
  10. Speed - allows for quick movements



Show winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Show Ability - for good conformation and "showyness"
  2. Patience - must stand still for judges 
  3. Coordination - produces graceful movement
  4. Confidence - lots of this will ensure a good, heathly score
  5. Temperment - no judge will appriciate a skittish or aggressive horse
  6. Agility - gives the horse an attractive and skilled appearance 
  7. Reaction Time - for an impressive demonstation of the horses skill 
  8. Speed - Gives the horse long attractive legs
  9. Strength - a strong horse has good muscular conformation  
  10. Stamina - shows the horse would be adept at many other things



Halter winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Temperment - the handeler must be able to control the horse easily
  2. Show Ability - adds to the overall beauty of the horse  
  3. Patience - shows that the horse is well trained 
  4. Coordination - impresses the judges 
  5. Reaction Time - fast reaction time to a command shows intelligence 
  6. Confidence - makes the horse calm and well recieved
  7. Agility - gives the horse a graceful and skilled appearance
  8. Strength - a strong horse will have good muscles and look healthy 
  9. Stamnina - makes the horse appear useful in many other classes  
  10. Speed - the horse will have long, strong legs


Harness Racing

Harness race winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Strength - for pulling the load while racing 
  2. Speed - important in any race
  3. Stamina - for a strong finish 
  4. Confidence - essential when racing with other horses 
  5. Agility - enables the horse to maeuver around other horses
  6. Coordination - limits the number of injuries and mistakes
  7. Reaction Time - for a head start 
  8. Temperment - the horse must be willing to listen to the driver  
  9. Patience - for holding back when other horses are pulling ahead
  10. Show Ability - it is good for the horse to be used to crowds


Barrel Racing

Barrel race winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Coordination - allows for swift runs with no faults
  2. Agility - it takes a lot of this to maintain balance around barrels
  3. Speed - getting the fastest time is important 
  4. Reaction Time - enables horse to adjust speed and positioning quickly
  5. Confidence - the less hesitation the better 
  6. Strength - barrels must be avoided while maintaining speed and balance
  7. Stamina - strength and speed must last to the end
  8. Temperment - so that the horse will obey the rider and make less mistakes
  9. Show Ability - useful around crowds and provides good conformation 
  10. Patience - must be patient with any mistakes that are made 



Reining winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Reaction Time - for demonstation of quick movement and intelligence
  2. Temperment - so the horse obeys the commands given
  3. Coordination - horse must have this for complicated motions
  4. Agility - nibleness is important in this sport, allowing for agile movements 
  5. Show Ability - impresses the judges 
  6. Strength - muscles are important for quick movements while carrying a rider 
  7. Confidence - prevents hesitation 
  8. Speed - for quicker movement
  9. Stamina - to prevent injury and save energy 
  10. Patience - must be patient with rider



Cutting winners are determined by (in this order):
  1. Patience - horse must have this when seperating cows 
  2. Reaction Time - to keep up with cow movements 
  3. Speed - essential to corner cattle
  4. Agility - to manuver through herd 
  5. Temperment - so that the horse will obey the rider and make less mistakes
  6. Confidence - limits hesitation 
  7. Strength - for carrying rider during quick turns and maneuvers 
  8. Coordination - to stay with cows 
  9. Stamina - horse cannot tire while chasing cows 
  10. Show Ability - useful around crowds and provides good conformation